Sunday, May 12, 2013


My kindergarten teacher did not see the brazen encroachment of my cubby, nor the disregard shown for the stitching on my jacket when I tried to snatch it back from the lad making off with it. To tug back, the nerve! No, all teacher saw was me knocking a scallawag down to get my shit back. No miranda rights, no trial by jury of my peers - off to Time Out I go.

The facility was a box with three tall walls. The penitent was to sit facing into the box, thinking about what he did and missing recess. Inside, teacher had pasted up some smiling sunflower wallpaper. Which started to really bug me, the longer I sat in there. Who wants to look at smiling goddamn sunflowers at a time like this? Whole reason I'm in Time Out is on account of this ugly coat tugofwar / shoving match thing that I didn't even start and now that little prick's out there recessing while I've got a bunch of blossoms grinning in my face.

Come to think about it, would anyone in Time Out want to see this shit any more than me? Doubt it. Time Out isn't where go when you're acting like a flower can smile at you in this harsh world. I'd never seen this wallpaper anywhere else in the building; teacher put it in here special. What the fuck is that about? What does she get out of making sure I look at these flowers? Am I supposed to come out of here smiling like one of these things when I should have been here in the first place?

Just what the fuck sort of reprogramming bullshit is this kindergarten on any way? We're not gonna talk about property rights or cubby security, we're just gonna point which ever kid teacher saw making a ruckus last at some smiling sunflower wallpaper and hope they come out ready to docile. That's how grownups solve things, gotcha.

What I'm trying to say is that when it comes to social conditioning through iconography and the prison industrial system, I caught on early.

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  1. i love your blue text. i could sit under you as my piano and listen to you tinker with the keys for hours.